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One of my all time favorite flavors of honey jelly is blueberry. I think blueberries and honey are one of nature's perfect combinations. Visualize this, it's August in Tennessee. Tennessee is in the South. It's August. Get the picture? Now imagine picking blueberries in the South.

I got up super early this morning to drive to Trace View Farm in Santa Fe, TN. Bernie Ellis (the farmer) recommended that I make an early start since, you know, it's August. Bernie asked if I wanted to pick 1 or 2 gallons. I guess if I'm going to be picking blueberries, I might as well pick a LOT of blueberries, right? OMG, it takes a long time to pick blueberries. I swear there must have been in hole in that 2-gallon bucket. I never thought it would fill up. But, lordy, lordy, those were some sweet blueberries. Maybe that's why it took so long!

They had 3 different types of blueberries to choose from. Once Bernie knew that I was going to be making jelly with them, he was quick to recommend the Tifblues as their flavor would stand up to the heat. The other two varieties were more for eating fresh. Side benefit: Tifblues are one of the highest blueberries in antioxidants!



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