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Smoked Peaches

One of my favorite restaurants in East Nashville is Lockland Table and one of my favorite things to eat there is their chicken liver pate served with smoked peach preserves. Since first tasting their preserves, I just knew that smoked peaches and honey would be a spectacular combination.  

So I got to work on sourcing fresh peaches. The Peach Truck sells fresh in-season Georgia peaches at most of the farmers markets in and around Nashville. Obvious, right? Lucky for me, I was able to buy a number of 1/2 bushel boxes. Around that same time, we inherited a Big Green Egg. Fate was certainly in my corner.  

Once I read up on how to actually smoke something on a grill, I bravely loaded the Egg and set to work. The peaches in our Smoked Peach Honey Jelly are smoked with a combination of apple and hickory woods. Oh man, the smell that permeated those peaches was heavenly. I wish you could have smelled it. But, good news, you can certainly taste it!

Our 7th jelly flavor was in the bag! Cheers!


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