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Introducing Make It Mondays

We are pleased to introduce Make It Mondays which will hopefully inspire you to shake things up a bit in the kitchen. We'll be spotlighting everything from the quick & easy to the more elaborate; from snacks to desserts to even cocktails!

If you are anything like me, sometimes you find yourself in a bit of a rut when it comes to food. We tend to fall back on our tried and true favorites. I know I do! You can get in that rut as well with that partial jar of jelly you've got sitting in your fridge. If you're wondering if there are other great ways to use our jellies besides on that PB&J, we're here for you! 

We'll be getting more specific on following Mondays, but to start, here are some generally great uses:

1.  Meats & Fish: All of our jellies work great as a glaze for meats and fish. Melt a little jelly and brush onto pork, chicken, or fish. If you're grilling, glaze near the end of cooking so that the honey doesn't burn.

2.  Charcuterie Board: Add some as a condiment to a charcuterie board. 

3.  Yogurt: Mix into your morning yogurt for a bit of fruit flavor and sweetness.

4.  Hot Tea: Honey and tea are fantastic together and you will also get a touch of flavor as well. We especially love our Lemon Honey Jelly in tea!

5. Biscuits: A hot, warm biscuit with a pat of salted butter and a dollop of jelly.

We'd love to see how you are using our jellies!
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